There are several materials that emerge from the industrial process that are classified as either useless waste or byproducts. These materials must be marketed according to national and EU laws. EcoMat develops applications to utilize these byproducts either as an alternative raw material for the production process of other industrial units (recycling) or as alternative fuel (Thermal Utilization).

To that end, the company researches the utilization of these materials, their possible recycling, and their usage as raw material, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources and reduction of aerial pollutants.

Aiming to the full management of the materials we deal with, EcoMat researches the industry and delivers a market plan for the allocation of each material. Our goal remains the reuse of waste material as secondary raw material or secondary fuel for industries, thus minimizing cost for the waste material producer.

We market viable and manageable solutions, adding value to the materials and making it profitable for the end user.

EcoMat also manages the transport and disposal of waste material for recycling and utilization until their delivery to the end customer. Toward this aim, EcoMat possesses all relevant permits for the collection and transport of non-hazardous solid waste material and offers licensed industries legitimate recovery and reuse solutions.